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Annual Appeal

2022 Annual Appeal Letter

Dearest friends of Calvary Camp,

“Be present, O merciful God, and protect us through the hours of this night, so that we who are wearied by the changes and chances of this life may rest in your eternal changelessness.” This prayer, from the Book of Common Prayer’s Order of Compline, is likely well known to the Calvary Camp community. While the past two years have certainly offered much to be weary about, this year brought to Calvary Camp both exciting new things and an assurance of God’s eternally changeless love.

Campers, new and old, returned to Calvary Camp in stronger numbers this year, with enrollment increasing 25% from the previous year and multiple sessions filling up. This year also saw the beginnings of a new amphitheater on the West Property, set to offer pristine views of Lake Erie. and be an ideal space for the performing arts or for campers bonding around a campfire. The setting aside of the Anne Muhl Campership Endowment will make camp accessible for a new generation of campers, extending the camp experience cherished by so many to children and families otherwise unable to attend. These changes help further Calvary Camp’s mission to foster spiritual growth and deep relationships.

Just as important is what remains the same amidst the changes and chances of this  life. Calvary Camp offers children, young  adults, and families an environment of spiritual growth and reflection, whether through deep conversations among friends or worship opportunities  such as the Friday night candlelightservice. Calvary Camp continues to  foster deep relationships and model  a Christian community that accepts  individual differences and values all  of God’s creation. Finally, Calvary  continues to help campers integrate  faith into everyday life, cultivating a  call to love others inspired by God’s  love reflected in the community,  grounds, and worship of Calvary  Camp.

Your gift to the Annual Appeal helps ensure that Calvary Camp’s mission remains  changeless. Although we live in a world wearied by changes and chances, Calvary Camp helps point  campers to God’s changeless love, a love that accepts them as they are, brings them together in  community, and calls them to love others as themselves. Thank you for considering a gift to the  Annual Appeal and helping ensure that Calvary Camp remains a place where God’s changeless love  is known and felt. 

Faithfully yours, 

The Rev. Dr. Luke Zerra
Development Chair
Timothy N. Green
Executive Director
The Rev. Leslie G. Reimer
Director of Spiritual Life
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