Sheldon Calvary Camp

Annual Appeal

2021 Annual Appeal Letter

Dearest friends of Calvary Camp,

            Our lives have been transformed since the beginning of the pandemic. We have been transformed as a Camp community – we have learned a lot about our strengths, and we have been blessed with the opportunity to examine areas where we can improve. During this unsettling period of time, the staff and board have been actively working to build up the areas where we are strongest, and we are actively addressing those areas where we can deepen the overall camp experience. The future of Calvary Camp has never been brighter.

            For all the changes that have occurred throughout society two truths remain secure – the never-failing love of God for all of Creation and the ability of Calvary Camp to transform the lives of our campers. Chaos and distrust may have ruled in the world during the days leading up to the  beginning of our summer season, but our campers found peace and hope and love on the shores of Lake Erie. They were once again able to dip their toes in the cool lake water, reel in fish at our pond, perfect a variety of weaves while making friendship bracelets, learn how to hit a tennis ball with confidence and accumulate bullseyes while sharpening their precision skills in archery.  Songs in the chapel echoed again as our campers swayed together in close proximity with one another while viewing the majesty of Lake Erie through our iconic cross. Campers also discovered one of our most committed and compassionate staffs ever that cared for, listened to, and responded to them as they continued to emerge from an exhausting and confusing time.  Ultimately, they found programs and people that enabled growth and beauty, while taking seriously the reality of life in the midst of a pandemic.

            From the storm, Calvary Camp helped bring forth light and love. It is now more important than ever that our campers carry that light and love out into a broken and hurting world. Our hope is that they leave here with a renewed sense of self and the ability to lift up each person they encounter and better prepared for any difficult situations they may face. Calvary Camp remains a place that can carry the dreams of children with the prospect of making those dreams possibilities.  Please consider supporting this work of transformation and hope by making a financial contribution to Calvary Camp. Your gift, combined with the gifts of others, will make our world a better place, a more hopeful place, a more loving place.