2016 Annual Appeal Letter

Light one candle to bind us together,
With peace as the song in our hearts.

Dear Friends & Families,

While we are in the midst of breathtaking physical changes at Sheldon Calvary Camp, with the restoration of the Fralden Terrace property and the anticipation of the new Dining Hall, we continue to be most excited about the experiences we are able to offer. Throughout our 80 years of camping ministry, we have been able to make space for people to know themselves, one another, and God more profoundly. We are mindful of the essential and unchanging elements of life at camp. The simple, shared life of singing, laughing, talking, eating, playing, learning, growing, being, and befriending has transforming power. Those relationships are far more crucial than any facilities or programs.  

When we wonder whether it is possible for people to engage in conversation about important issues in our wider society, or to work together for the common good, we look with hope to what we know about bringing children, young people, and families together at camp. 

We are grateful for the shared experience and deep friendship which spans generations and is alive each day at Calvary Camp. It is this fabric of shared connection which brings all of us together into something much larger than just ourselves. Here are a few voices from the summer of 2016 expressing the ongoing importance of this companionship and compassion in how camp shapes their lives: 

“I learned tolerance and the importance of having patience for what others say.”
“Because of camp, I see God in the world more.”
 “I developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for other people whose life experiences are different than mine. This helps me understand my own life better.”
“At camp you make connections with people purely because of who they are, not through a video game or a text.”
“One of the most important lessons at camp is to be selfless and look to others first.”
“Camp offers me an opportunity to spread kindness to new people every day.”

Please join us in this year’s Annual Appeal. Your gift facilitates the formation of young people who become adept at building meaningful friendships, showing care for others and offering positive service within communities. We remain thankful for the wide and generous support of everyone who values their relationship to Sheldon Calvary Camp.