Camps allow people to know themselves well and to embrace values and meaning which give direction to their lives. Young people choose to serve as teachers, physicians, clergy, leaders of business, and advocates for children, based on their formation at Calvary Camp. Calvary brings together people across a wide range of race, geography, economic status, and ability. Calvary provides a place to see beyond the differences and to experience how much we have in common with each other. We are committed to shaping successive generations of young people who care profoundly for the world, who respect the dignity of every human being, and who are skilled at creating community.

We believe that each moment of life at Calvary Camp helps foster such transformative leadership. We are grateful for the heritage and the generous gifts entrusted to us through the years. We wait eagerly for the summer when campers follow a new gentle path to the lake and are led to new understanding of the wonders of creation. We look forward to the day when the banners are hung in the new Dining Hall, the walls reverberate with the sound of voices and the community gathers around the tables. We ask your help to realize these current hopes and plans, and your faith, with us, in a future beyond our imagining. 

If you are thinking about making a pledge to Calvary Camp, please contact the camp office at 440-593-4381 or by email.

Donation Schedule (over 5-year period)