Sheldon Calvary Camp

Community & Belonging

Creating community is the core of our life at Sheldon Calvary Camp. Since 1936 Calvary Camp has provided a place of refuge, connection, and rejuvenation for generations of families. Campers from all different walks of life come together on the Lake Erie shore. In the simplicity of living, eating, playing, singing and growing together, they discover their common humanity and gain insight into their uniqueness. We believe that our differences make us stronger.
  • We believe that each person is created in the image of God, and we respect the dignity of every human being.
  • We believe that all children are welcome and deserve to be loved unconditionally.
  • We believe young people are our most important asset and that developing their leadership skills will not only positively impact Calvary Camp but carry that light wherever they go.
  • We believe that the strongest relationships are built on a foundation of cultural understanding and as such we strive to foster an environment of empathy, compassion, and celebration regardless of religion, race, culture, gender identity, varying abilities, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or nationality.
Sheldon Calvary Camp is committed to educating ourselves about global issues. While it may be easy to focus solely on our 100 acres of property, we understand that our families come from a wide geographical background, that our campers bring their whole selves to a session, and that our staff are in a period of critical life development. Calvary Camp created an action plan in June 2020 and has taken the following steps:
  • The Board of Directors created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee who meets regularly to evolve the Camp practices, procedures, and policies that perpetuate cultural and systemic change and acceptance.
  • The Camp leadership is participating in the Sacred Ground curriculum from the Episcopal Church.
  • The summer staff participated in discussions and training on diversity, equity, and inclusion and how these issues relate to the campers we serve.
  • The Camp leadership is evolving our policies and practices to ensure all campers and families feel a sense of belonging.
  • The Board of Directors is reviewing our mission statement to ensure it encapsulates our values and goals for the future.
  • The Camp leadership is building a library of resources for our campers, families, and staff members to use throughout the year.
We believe that our work as human beings never stops – we must always be exploring our own perceptions, our relationships with others, and our faith. It is in this effort that we will continue to update you on the steps we are taking to serve our children and families. While at times our candle flame might flicker, we know that the light will always shine. Love, above all else, sustains the spirit of Calvary Camp.