The major project of Creation & Community is a new dining hall. Mealtime is central for the Calvary Camp community. As it is with families, our time at meals reflects who we are and what we believe. The present dining hall, Sheldon Hall, was the only building on campus when the camp was purchased in 1936. While it contains seventy-eight years of enduring Calvary memories, it also bears the marks of over one hundred years of enthusiastic use. The time has come to repurpose this venerable structure. We plan to preserve Sheldon Hall as a gathering place for our community and build a new dining hall.

In 2002 the camp purchased 8.25 acres of undeveloped land to the west of campus, now called the West Property. The new dining hall will sit on the northern end of the West Property taking advantage of the Lake Erie view. Careful, thoughtful design will allow the new dining hall to serve summer program needs as well as offer a flexible eating and meeting space for groups in other seasons. The eating space will be enlarged to accommodate actual summer camp enrollment. By providing appropriate infrastructure, we plan for extended season use of this building as our ministry and hospitality continues to expand beyond the summer camping program.

At a Glance
The Dining Hall is planned to include the following features: 

  • seasonal main dining room that can accommodate 275 people
  • east-west orientation to view Lake Erie
  • integrated renewable energy solar technologies
  • winterized small dining room for retreat use
  • winterized meeting room for retreat use
  • fireplace
  • covered porches facing Lake Erie
  • an upgraded kitchen and serving facilities

Projected cost: $1,800,000