Family Camp

General: Family Camp occurs at the end of the summer after the traditional summer programs are complete. The carefree Family Camp sessions offer spiritual and recreational activities for the entire family as well as for specific age groups. While there is a daily schedule that maintains the same activities Monday-Friday, there are also special events that occur throughout the week to offer families a different experience. These special events may be on-campus (the annual softball game) or off-campus (a trip to a local attraction).

2019 Dates:

Family Camp 1: August 4-10
Family Camp 2: August 11-17

Registration: The registration form for both weeks of 2019 family camp can be found here. We will begin accepting registrations that are postmarked on Monday, February 4, 2019 or later. Please send one application form and one deposit check per cabin. If you are planning to share a cabin, please coordinate with each other to send a single form and deposit. 

Each year we hope to accommodate as many people as possible. If there is not a cabin for you, you have the option of contacting us about coming in a tent or trailer. You are also welcome to arrange to share a cabin with folks who application was accepted. It is still our policy that if you apply for Family Camp on the first day and are not able to attend, you will be guaranteed a spot if you apply the following year.

Family Camp Daily Schedule:

8:00 am Holy Eucharist – Monday & Thursday & Penguin Swim – Monday & Thursday

8:10 Waiters & Waitresses to the Dining Hall (one from each cabin)

8:30 Breakfast

 9:30-11:30 Morning Activities *times for activities vary

  • Sailing

  • Tennis (open courts as well as lessons)

  • Arts & crafts in the MAC

  • Archery (offered each hour)

  • Kayaking

  • Fitness Class

  • Swimming lessons (children 5 yrs & up as well as infant/toddler 6 mo-5 yrs)

  • Water aerobics

  • Painted Wings (children 3-9 yrs)

12:10 pm Waiters & Waitresses to the Dining Hall

12:30 Lunch

1:00 Rest hour

2:00-4:00  Afternoon Activities

  • Sailing

  • Tennis (open courts)

  • Arts & crafts in the MAC

  • Archery (offered each hour)

  • Kayaking

  • Free swim at the pool

  • Team-building games

  • Nature and farm

4:00 Canteen

5:00 Camp store open (Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.)

5:40 Waiters & Waitresses to the Dining Hall

6:00 Dinner

7:15 (ish)  Special Event (to be announced)

8:00 Canteen

8:30 Campfire or Chapel

9:00 Social (after campfire)