If you have never been to Calvary Camp before and are coming this summer, you are in for the time of your life!  Imagine eating pancakes, playing soccer, learning to hit a backhand in tennis, painting a mural, eating tacos, shooting archery, swimming in the lake or pool, hanging out with friends in the shade, playing a pickup ultimate Frisbee game, eating spaghetti, playing Capture the Flag, having ice cream, and singing campfire songs.... all in one day!

The best part is that the other kids are as happy to be there as you are, and you will make friends that can last a lifetime.  Many returning campers think their week at Calvary Camp is the best week of their year!

Please enjoy this camp video filmed in 2005 - it gives you an idea about what to expect during your time at Calvary Camp. Or, you can head over to the capital campaign page to watch the more recent 2012 video.

There are three more great ways to learn about what Calvary Camp is like:

We know you will love it here, but going anywhere for the first time can be a little scary.  We hope these resources will help you feel a little less like a stranger when you first arrive!