Sheldon Calvary Camp

Sending Mail

Sending Mail to Campers

All camper mail, correspondence and payments can be sent directly to Calvary Camp at:

Sheldon Calvary Camp

4411 Lake Road

Conneaut, OH 44030

UPS also delivers daily to the camp at that address during the summer.

Care Packages: It is the request of the directors that care packages sent and brought to the camp contain no food items. This is to assure proper nourishment and to alleviate the problem of attracting pests into the cabins. Snacks are available each day through the camp canteen; therefore, it is suggested the care packages contain other items which will add to your camper’s comfort and enjoyment while at camp.

A care package can be a source of creativity and an extension of love from home. Any food items brought or sent to the camp will be put aside and returned to the camper upon departure.