The camp currently employs three year-round employees who work out of a residential house on campus. This is the only option because of the limited winterized facilities. The house is older and has moisture and mold issues, which make it inefficient to heat, a potential health risk, and not suitable for storage of materials and files. Thomas Lodge, or the Directors' Cottage, is the central hub of communication during the summer and seasonal transitions add several logistical hurdles that can be avoided with a new winterized office. The new office, also to be named Thomas Lodge, will operate year-round and fulfill all of the needs of running a professional non-profit organization.

At a Glance
The Office is planned to include the following features:

  • dedicated year-round offices for camp administration
  • climate controlled storage for materials and files
  • flexible meeting spaces
  • guest room
  • lodging for summer director(s)
  • upgraded technology for improved efficiency

Projected cost: $250,000