Sheldon Calvary Camp

Stars & Stripes

General: Stars & Stripes occurs during the 4th of July holiday week and was a new program from the 2017 season! The session is very similar to our traditional Overnight Camp model which offers a full recreational program for boys and girls ages 8-16.  The only difference between the two sessions is that Stars & Stripes has a limited capacity to accommodate our Day Camp and Ready, Set, Camp! programs that also occur during that week. Stars & Stripes provides an opportunity for a full-week overnight experience for campers who may be new to that length away from home and another week for families to fit Calvary Camp into their busy summer schedules. Campers will be assigned to a cabin by age and share meals with their cabin mates in the dining hall. There are 2 counselors for each cabin housing 8 campers.

Competition: All campers participate in games and friendly competition.  At the beginning of the week the entire camp is divided into four teams (Tigers, Dragons, Falcons and Panthers) which compete for points during different activities. Morning competition games are organized for small groups by age and gender.  Evening competition includes the whole camp family in a single game or activity. At the end of each game counselors and campers shake hands and cheer for the opposing team. We believe this teaches grace and humility through sportsmanship. At the end of the week the staff puts on a playful standings skit to announce the final placing of the teams. 

Elective Activities: There are four time slots for electives; two in the morning and two in the afternoon.  An elective is an activity in a specific program area that meets for one hour each day Monday-Friday of the camping session. On Sunday campers fill out an elective sign-up sheet where they select and rank their choice of available electives for the week.  We encourage campers to select their own electives for camp with the guidance of a counselor.  We believe this is an important aspect of the camp experience as it helps campers to make decisions about how to spend their time.  All campers are then placed into electives based on their selections and rankings.  With nearly 200 campers to schedule, we cannot guarantee that all campers will get all of their top choices, but we will work with them to understand their highest priorities.  Choices include swimming, swim instruction, fine arts, tennis, athletics, stand-up-paddleboarding, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, paddleboats, photography, farm and environmental education, archery, and experiential education with a low ropes course.  Campers will receive their elective schedule for the week at breakfast on Monday.

Leadership Development: Calvary Camp also offers a Junior Counselor (JC) program for campers 16 years of age.  This program allows JCs to mentor campers and shadow counselors in their daily responsibilities.  JCs are also paired up with a cabin and establish a relationship with a group of younger campers.  Campers who are 15 years old may participate in our Leader-in-Training (LIT) program.  This program encourages campers to explore key characteristics around leadership development.  LITs also design and perform a servant leadership project.

Campfire, Chapel and Devotions: Each day ends with Campfire or Chapel on alternate evenings followed by a time of reflection in each cabin.  Counselors prepare an age and gender appropriate activity each night as a way to reflect on their experience that day.  Christian faith and spirituality are integrated into all aspects of our life together.

Stars & Stripes Daily Schedule

7:15 am – Wake Up
7:45 am – Penguin Club
8:15 am – Breakfast
9:00 am – Morning Competition
10:00 am – First Elective
11:00 am – Second Elective 
12:10 pm – Lunch
1:00 pm – Rest Hour
2:10 pm – Third Elective3:10 pm – Fourth Elective
4:00 pm – Free Time
4:10 pm – Free Swim 
5:30 pm – Dinner
6:30 pm – Evening Competition/Activity
8:00 pm – Canteen
8:45 pm – Campfire or Chapel (Alternate Nights)
9:30 pm – Devotions and Lights Out