Sheldon Calvary Camp

Summer 2022 Protocols

What to Expect

*Updated 7/25/22 in response to the Omicron BA.5 Variant

Last summer we were able to run a safe and effective summer camp program with special precautions related to COVID-19. We hosted more than 500 campers and staff for a week or more and ended the summer with zero cases of COVID-19. We could not have had such a successful summer without the help of all our camper families who ensured that their children were arriving to camp fully healthy!

For this summer COVID-19 remains with our world and we will be taking steps to maintain a safe and effective summer camp program, though, somewhat differently from last summer.

Several components of our safety plans from last summer will remain the same:

  • We strongly recommend that all campers maintain COVID-19 vaccination as recommended by their pediatrician.
  • All campers must arrive to camp with a negative PCR COVID-19 test within the past 3 days (more below).
  • All campers must arrive to camp with enough masking supplies to last the week (more below).
  • We will keep the same check-in system as last summer with assigned arrival times (more below).

As was the case last summer, the most up-to-date details and information will be communicated with parents of registered campers via email.

Before Camp

We ask all families to take the following steps leading up to the first day of camp:

For 7 days prior to arrival:

    • Monitor child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms
    • Mitigate child(ren)’s exposure to activities that could lead to a COVID-19 infection
    • Practice effective masking while inside public buildings
    • Prepare child(ren) with their own masking supplies

In the 3 days prior to arrival:

    • Please have your child(ren) PCR tested for COVID-19.
    • Please bring a copy of the test results – a paper copy or phone image are both acceptable.
    • PCR Tests are generally available at your local chain pharmacy, though you may need to schedule an appointment. 

Check-in Day

    • In the week leading up to your child(ren)’s enrolled session, you will be assigned an arrival window (1:30-2:30, 2:30-3:30, or 3:30-4:30).
    • Arrival windows are intended to spread out the traffic jams that tend to occur with everyone arriving at the same time.
    • Arrival window assignments are a bit of an art form – we take into account the following:
      • Total number of vehicles on campus at a time
      • Families with multiple campers
      • Cabinmate requests so friends can arrive at the same time and/or encourage carpooling
      • Spreading out arrivals for each cabin, allowing for counselors to have a more focused interaction with every parent
      • Other dynamics that become apparent case-by-case.
    • All families will follow the same process for check-in and will be guided by staff on-site.

During Camp

Campers will generally be expected to wear masks while indoors, except while inside their assigned cabin.

If a Camper Tests Positive for COVID-19

Should any camper test positive for COVID-19 while at camp, the following steps will be taken:

  • The camper will be placed under the exclusive care of the camp’s Healthcare Provider
  • The camper’s parents will be contacted, and transportation home will be arranged as soon as possible.
  • The camp will begin contact tracing and may institute any or all of the following:
    • Cabinmates of the infected camper will become a group that participates in all camp activities together and physically distanced from other campers.
    • Campers will be required to wear masks while indoors, except when they are inside their assigned cabin. This is the only situation where we anticipate requiring masks, though, we always want to have the ability to respond quickly with this option if it becomes necessary.
    • More frequent sanitation practices camp-wide.

Activity Structure (Electives)

The state of the pandemic in June 2022 is very different from June 2021. While the Omicron variant, the current dominant strain in the US, produces less severe symptoms than its predecessors, it is also much more transmissible. With that in mind, before returning to our traditional elective format with individual schedules (each camper picks their own set of four electives that they visit Monday – Friday), which effectively mingles all campers, we will begin this summer with cabins picking their Monday – Friday elective schedule as a unit.

Returning to Individual 5-Day Elective Schedules

After we test and experience the effectiveness of running camp with cabin elective schedules, we may return to the traditional elective format with individual schedules for all campers. We will only do so if we believe we can continue to provide a safe and effective environment for our campers.