Welcome to our Summer Galleries page, where you can find links below to photos from the summers of 2004 - present!

Camp Photo Policy

The physical and emotional safety of our campers is of fundamental importance to us at Sheldon Calvary Camp.  We feel that it is within the best interests of the camp and all members of the Calvary Camp community to offer more security to our campers in the realm of online photographs.  The photos section of our website has been a wonderful resource to current parents and alumni, though for different reasons.  Some parents look daily to see what their child’s week looks like.  They may also look to get a glimpse of their child enjoying themselves in a camp activity.  Alumni get to see the faces of joy that remind them of their time at Calvary Camp as a child or young adult.

We still wish to provide this service to both parents and alumni, but we are also cognizant of the realities of this world.  Parents will receive a password via email to access daily photos for sessions where their child is attending.  These password protected photos will become available to the public one week after the end of a camping session.   As has always been our policy, campers are not identified by name in any photographs.

If you have any questions about the photos policy, please contact us.