2017 Annual Appeal Letter

Dear Friends and Families,

This fall is a season of building at Sheldon Calvary Camp, with the new dining hall taking shape along the lake.  We hope you have been able to follow the progress in the photos posted each week and to share in our excitement as the design becomes reality.  We are grateful for the resources generously provided for this project, and look forward to inhabiting this new space.

While physical construction is a very concrete and fascinating process, Calvary Camp is constantly engaged in an even more significant kind of building.  All of our facilities, from the newest to the most old and venerable, serve our mission of building lives and building community.

We build the lives of children and young people through the intentional work of development.  Campers experience self-reliance, choices, and responsibility in their daily activities.  They are encouraged to venture into new areas of learning, and they gain confidence in a supportive environment.  Staff members grow into leadership, and discover a way of life based on selfless service.  Families comment on the changes in outlook and behavior they observe when their children return home from camp.  People of all ages frequently name camp as one of the most formative influences in their lives.

We build community in the same purposeful, intentional way, based on our profound belief in God’s unconditional love for all people.  Calvary Camp provides a place where diverse people can come to know each other simply by living and working together.  We are a haven for conversation that stresses understanding each other and being understood.  We are a safe place to challenge assumptions, and to receive feedback that promotes growth.  We encourage speaking up when something is not right, and finding clear and compassionate ways to address conflict.  We teach children and young people to love one another.  We prepare them to enter a world where these qualities seem scarce, and where the need for them is vast.  We send them out ready to share their perspective and their skills in ways that can make a difference in the wider human community.

Around the table in the dining hall each morning, we share these words of grace and blessing:

For food in a world where many walk in hunger

For faith in a world where many walk in fear

For friends in a world where many walk alone

We give you thanks, O God.

 In the new dining hall as is in the old one, we will continue to gather children and young people together to offer this vision of life and community to the world.  The Calvary Camp Annual Appeal sustains these constant and crucial building efforts. Will you join us in building lives, in building community, in making a difference?